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Teams compete to answer the most word puzzles, interactive challenges, and questions correctly on our fun, customized game platform. (10-200 ppl)

Who Kidnapped Michael Scott?

Using characters from TV's “The Office,” teams solve logic puzzles and uncover clues to save the boss! (10-200 ppl)

ZogCulture Trivia

We've replicated a pub trivia experience virtually that lets you and your team test your knowledge of all things trivial! (10-200 ppl)

Scavenger Hunt

Complete photo and video challenges, get to know your colleagues, and see which team is most creative! (Max. 200 ppl)

Human Bingo

Fill in Bingo squares as you learn more about your coworkers. Chat, have a laugh, and connect with your team! (Max. 100 ppl)

Premium Games

Looking for something more for your team? Try our premium options to take your event to the next level.


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